ONGov7 Features:

  • Keeping track of all the documents produced
  • Search is not limited by keywords, but also provides documents that contain keywords related to the query.
  • Even if the search keywords are different from the ones contained on the document (ex: query is "building", we may provide documents with "architecture". The degree of "likeness" can be adjusted to be more or less restrict)
  • Discovery of context for each document, and what other documents it relates to.
  • Automated tagging of each article, including related keywords not present in the text.
  • Fully Automated link creation between multiple documents
  • Concept-to-Concept Relations
  • Concept-to-Document Relations
  • Document-to-Document Relations
  • Phrase-to-Document Connections
  • Entity recognition across documents
  • Automated updates on links in past articles to new articles created in the future
  • Track record of the activity for certain politicians
  • Track record of the activity for certain topics over time
  • Support in several languages

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