5 Problems that News websites face:

(and how we can solve them)

  • 1 - Low website circulation

    Readers usually just read the latest news on the front page: This is a missed opportunity as there is a lot of content created about lots of subjects that end up lost in the newspaper archive.

  • 2 - Articles have few (if any) links to other articles

    The internet is all about having links between pages. Online newspapers rarely focus on providing good links between articles to better provide the reader with relevant information. This is a missed opportunity as the reader gets blocked from extra content that the newspaper created in the past, but is still relevant.

  • 3 - Old articles never get updated with links for new articles

    Imagine the infinite amount of extra work and time someone would have to spend to update each article ever created with links for the new articles.

  • 4 - Creating links between articles takes a lot of time

    Searching for related articles, selecting the best ones and actually creating a link can take up to 5-10 minutes per link. In any article with more than 15 possible links, it is not practical to do this work manually.

  • 5 - Some Journalists don't want to create links

    -Too much extra work and time for creating links. -Journalists don't want readers to be distracted and jump to a different article. -Physical newspaper heritage of not linking.

News7 Features:

  • Fully Automated link creation between multiple articles
  • Manually assisted link creation
  • Concept-to-Concept Connections
  • Concept-to-Article Connections
  • Article-to-Article Connections
  • Phrase-to-Article Connections
  • Links across multiple websites
  • Multiple target pages per link
  • Links displayed according to relatedness/frequency/recency/etc
  • Entity recognition across the articles
  • Discovery of articles that have different but related keywords/tags
  • Automated tagging of each article, including related keywords not present in the text.
  • Lists of all the Concepts / Entities on a website, ranked by relevancy.
  • Automated link creation on all the archive of articles
  • Automated updates on links in past articles to new articles created in the future
  • Support in several languages

News7 Benefits:

  • Improves user circulation on the website
  • Helps users find old content that is related with current articles related with current articles
  • Keeps articles up-to-date with links to the latest articles
  • More Pageviews = More Revenue
  • Websites that more interactive
  • More user engagement

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