Legal7 Features:

  • Search is not limited by keywords, but also provides documents that contain keywords related to the query.

    Even if the search keywords are different from the ones contained on the document (ex: query is "building", we may provide documents with "architecture". The degree of "likeness" can be adjusted to be more or less restrict)
  • Discovery of context for each document, and what other documents it relates to.
  • Automated tagging of each article, including related keywords not present in the text.
  • Fully Automated link creation between multiple documents
  • Concept-to-Concept Relations
  • Concept-to-Document Relations
  • Document-to-Document Relations
  • Phrase-to-Document Connections
  • Entity recognition across documents
  • Automated updates on links in past articles to new articles created in the future
  • Support in several languages

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