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    From A to Z

    Luma7's powerful algorithms are able to find connections and related content to link on literally any word on your content: text, document, article, pdf or webpage.

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    More Pageviews

    Having your content well linked will ensure that your website has more circulation and improves user experience

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  • Connections


    Concepts / Phrases / Documents

    With Luma7 you can find relations between concepts, phrases, documents or pages, ranked by similarity or other criteria.

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  • Automated



    No need to create links like the this by hand anymore
    Luma7 can discover what are the most relevant links to be created, the most related content to link to, and generate the code on the fly in the middle of the text content.

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What is Luma7?

It’s a solution based on an algorithm that analyses text content and understands what are the relations in that content and how they link.


Our customer base range from Governmental institutions to Online Media Publications

There are several advantages for implementing a solution:
-A fully Automated link creation system that doesn't depend on human curation selects the best related content (or the latest, or any other parameter) and frees up time for content producers to do what they do best.
-Links and connections are always up-to-date to the latest documents created, linking automatically for any content created in the future. (no need to review past content to update links manually)
-Connections sorted by relatedness, ensuring that the best content will get the most attention.

For document management applications, it can be very useful where there are a lot of technical jargon to be able to quickly identify what other documents are mostly related with each one of the terms, or if there are very similar terms.

Our Products

Entity Recognition

Luma7 is able to identify and mark in the content more than 20 million Entities (concepts composed by multiple words) and classify them.

Text Classification

Our algorithms are able to classify text and to organize by categories. By doing this we are able to identify what's relevant and how to treat that information.

Multiple Languages

Luma7 can work with content in multiple languages in the same page, and process them independently to give results that are language relevant.

Model Parametrization

Humans write content in many different ways. In order to have better results we first clean and parametrize all text to transform it in a model as precise as possible.

Human Interface

Each application has different requirements,

Frequent Data Update

We tried to make very high-quality product and so our code is very neat and clean. Whatever anyone could improve and modify the template to your liking.


Luma7 Sàrl

Luma7 is a startup based in Switzerland working on the domain of concept analysis and text mining

Rue Marconi 19 / 1920 Martigny, Switzerland
Place du Vallon 18 / 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland
R. Manuel Da Silva Leal n2-8Esq / 1600-166 Lisbon, Portugal

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